Our values come first

Social Standards



Social Standards

The Business Social Compliance Initiative is committed to improving social conditions in the supply chains of each company. As far as we are concerned, 100% of our intra- or extra-community partners are BSCI certified. We have reinforced this approach since 2011 in order to secure the major brands for which we work and to support our quality guarantee.

Systematic Control Assured Quality


Food standards

Systematic Control Assured Quality

VTrust proposes recognized and valid inspection solutions for almost all world markets. Their network of experienced inspectors ensures that the needs of top professionals are best met. All our deliveries, without exception, undergo a quality control before shipment. Concerned about the safety of our customers, major national and international brands, the quality of our products is the guarantee of our own existence. Because we did not wait for quality to be controlled, we put it at the heart of our operations.

Environmental Standards


In process

Environmental Standards

Their objective is to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC-certified products are controlled throughout the manufacturing process and right through to distribution.This guarantees our customers products from controlled resources. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible forest management.

Our mission:

The heart of our company is the adaptation and specification, so we select and develop products to meet our customers’ requirements in the most precise and exclusive way.

In a spirit of professionalism, we take care at each step of our process to be rigorous and methodical in order to obtain the best results, which is the guarantee of a successful partnership

Our commitments:

In order to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and respect the values we claim, KATS has engaged with many organizations to obtain the necessary certifications.

Our values:

KATS has always made quality its priority and our process has been in place since 2011. Paying particular attention to ethics, we did not wait for quality to be monitored, we put it at the heart of our operations.

We have therefore looked for solutions to improve and have the quality of our products recognized, but also to promote the working conditions of our partners. Finally, since KATS is in step with the times, we want to set up actions to preserve the environment.