Taste is not a question of money.

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In order to best meet the requirements, KATS has implemented a quality approach.

It all starts with the receipt of the call for tenders. We carry out a brainstorming session bringing together our designer, our buyer and our sales manager. With the will to adapt to the demands and specifications of our customers, we select and develop products to meet your request in the most precise and exclusive way.
We also study the themes imposed on us in order to propose the best graphic axes.

The creation of the sets, internal to our company and the purchase of the source images under extended license guarantee intellectual property and eliminate the risk of counterfeiting.

Our creations

Customized Collections

Let’s start with a basic product, and give customers the opportunity to personalize it by making it more original and adapted to their taste. In the industry, personalization will give customers the impression of acquiring a unique product. We therefore propose graphic axes of tableware developed by our graphic designers but we also let the customer express his desire, his creativity and his ideas. He will be able to propose a design on which our professionals can base themselves, and then make improvements.
The objective is to express one’s individuality with original and exclusive products while remaining in line with the current trend.

Customized collections
Our creations

Exclusive Designs

When we develop a design with a client, it is entirely his own and he will be the sole owner. This protection is reinforced by the fact that we license our images, intellectual property is guaranteed and the risk of counterfeiting is eliminated.

Customized collections